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OJSC "Power Machines" creates efficient integrated solutions for the world's power industry basing on the 150 year experience of the company's production assets and implementing the latest achievements.The equipment produced and supplied by the Company functions in 57 countries around the world and currently has more than 300 000 MW of installed capacity. More than 2150 steam turbines , 2700 turbogenerators, 790 hydraulic turbines, 600 hydrogenerators have been produced in total.OJSC "Power Machines" is: - over 300 000 MW installed capacity in 57 countries; - the fourth place in the world by the volume of equipment installed; - the largest design and engineering centre in the field of power plant engineering in Russia; - full range of main power equipment complying with international standards; - system of continuous improvement of all business processes of the company; - over 20 000 employees.

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