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Transportation of metal beams span in the village Koskolovo Leningrad region More

In November 2015, M-GROUP to transport metal beams span (dimensions : 34,20 x 2,70 x 2,55. The weight of 55 tons ) of St. Petersburg in the village Koskolovo Kingisepp district of Leningrad region

Transportation of the rig Atlas Copco FlexiROC D55 More

In October 2015 M-GROUP to transport the drilling rig Atlas Copco FlexiROC D55 ( dimensions : 11,80 x 2,50 x 3,50. The weight of 25 tons ) of St. Petersburg in the village Inskoy Kemerovo region

Transportation rig Bauer BG- 28 and BG - 30 Bauer in Tobolsk More

In September 2015 M-GROUP to transport 2 rigs Bauer BG- 28 (dimensions : 17,6x3,3x3,4, weight 62 tons) and Bauer BG- 30 (dimensions : 18,7h3,4h3,5 , weight 69 tons) from the city of St. Petersburg for the construction of Tobolsk petrochemical plant ZapSibNeftehim -2 , in the group " Sibur "

Transportation of bridge beams of 33 meters for the construction of M-11 " St. Petersburg -Moscow " More

In August 2015 M-GROUP to transport bridge beams 33 meters long , weighing 60 tons of Podporozhye Malaya Vishera in the area for the construction of a bridge across the river Hubka on the highway M-11 " St. Petersburg - Moscow "

Transportation electric motor weighing 65 tons to Ridder Republic of Kazakhstan More

At the beginning of June 2015 over the carriage of the motor weighing 65 tons for 2 cars from the port of St. Petersburg in the Republic of Kazakhstan Ridder

New branches in Samara and the Goryachiy Klyuch More

In June 2015 opened branches M-GROUP in Samara and the Goryachiy Klyuch Krasnodar Territory

Transportation hovercraft More

At the beginning of May holidays took transport hovercraft from St. Petersburg to Moscow for the needs of the Russian Defense Ministry

3rd project in muddy season. Transportation Fundex F2800 weighing 82 tons More

30 April 2015 . It made the third project in the muddy season. It Outsize Fundex F2800 car weighing 83 tons from Moscow to St. Petersburg .

2nd project in the muddy season. Transportation of energy equipment for the plant "Akron" More

M-GROUP muddy season is not afraid and again ..! April 24, 2015 took place the carriage of power equipment ( 23.00 x 3.40 x 3.40 [ m] . Weight 82 [tons ] ) to the factory "AKRON" Veliky Novgorod from the port of St. Petersburg.

Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo in muddy season from Moscow to St. Petersburg More

Transportation Fundex F3500 car weighing 97 [ tons ] from Moscow to St. Petersburg from 15 to 16 April 2015 ( in the midst of muddy season) ..!

In March of 2015 successfully completed 2 projects in the transportation of Kazakhstan More

Transportation from the Chelyabinsk region in the area of career g.Emba excavator Komatsu PC- 3000 dump truck Terex TR- 100

Rent equipment at low prices - GOOD RENTAL (GOOD RENTAL.RU) More

We expand the scope of activities. Now, our team includes the company GOOD RENTAL (, offering special equipment for rent at low cost in St. Petersburg . Also note that the delivery vehicles by St. Petersburg - FREE ..!

In September 2014 over transportation turbine blade width of 6 [ m] from St. Petersburg to Kazakhstan , Ust -Kamenogorsk More

In August of 2014 it took 2 boilers transport (height of the trawl with a cargo of 5.4 [ m] , the weight load of 90 [t ] ) of Taganrog on Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant More

Transportation of oversized cargo energy industry ( 2 boilers of 90 tons each ) of Taganrog on the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant , Sosnovy Bor . Dimensions trains : 28.00 x 3.90 x 5.40 [ m] ...

We launched our corporate website More

We hope it will be convenient and useful for all visitors. Now you can learn more about our work in the section « About company», ask your question to our experts using the feedback form in the "Contacts" section , and become familiar with our services!


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