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Protection and tracking load    
Accompanying oversized cargo often is not only the wish of the customer, but also a requirement for these types of traffic. Ensuring the safety and security of cargo is very important task, both for the owner and for companies engaged in transportation. The company "M-GROUPspecializing in the transportation of oversized has extensive experience in the organization of support and protection, in close cooperation with the relevant agencies and departments.
Protection of valuable cargo in transit is a complex set of measures, which carry an unconditional protection against unlawful acts of third parties. 
Payload carried out by experts of our company, who are professionals in their affairs with years of experience, they are able to quickly find a way out of any situation. Our employees are provided with mobile radio. Thus, the operational service around the clock monitors the status of the goods in transit. Protection and support of cargoes are carried out taking into account the value of the goods, type of transport, which is used in case of delivery and features of the route. 
Organization support of bulky goods depends on the type of cargo transported is voluntary or mandatory:
Voluntary - the voluntary support of the decision taken cargo owners.
Mandatory - provided for by law in the following cases: 
One if the load exceeds the width of 3.5 meters;
Two if the length of the loaded vehicle exceeds 24 meters;
Three if necessary, to quickly change the scheme of traffic;
Four, if necessary to ensure the safe passage of oversized cargo, as well as other road users.
Such support is carried out with the participation of special car cover, equipped with flashing light or traffic police patrol car



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