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TRANSPORTATION OF DANGEROUS GOODSTransport of dangerous goods – is a very special type of transportation, which implies a higher level of responsibility of the shipping company. Dangerous goods – it is poison, flammable and explosive substances. Because of its danger, they require special transport conditions and because road transport of dangerous goods can be trusted only to professionals

Dangerous goods in Russia are divided into 9 classification.

Class 1 is the explosives that a chemical reaction can cause an explosion. For example, fireworks.
Class 2 gases, which, in turn, divided into a compressed, liquefied, refrigerated liquid, dissolved gas and aerosol cans.
Class 3 flammable liquids, including liquid explosive.
Class 4 is a solid combustible and spontaneously combustible compounds and substances that emit gases in contact with water.
Class 5 is a different sort of oxidizing agents and peroxides.
Class 6 is infectious and toxic substances.
Class 7 is all kinds of radioactive material.
Class 8 is the acid, alkali and other corrosive and corrosive substances.
Class 9 is all the other substances that are dangerous and do not fit the above classes.
Transportation of dangerous and especially dangerous goods - this is one of the most complex logistical operations, requiring special treatment by both the carrier and the cargo side. The procedure and rules for transport of dangerous goods clearly defined laws and regulations of the Russian Federation. Each shipment must necessarily be consistent with the regulatory authorities, including the nature and size of the goods, hazard class, and route.


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