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TRANSPORTATION OF HEAVY CARGO                   Heavy loads - is that, taking into account the mass of the vehicle exceed the established in the territory of the Russian Federation regulatory weighting parameters: mass or axle load of the vehicle.  
As another oversized transportation, heavy transport required paperwork describing the specific features of goods. Under heavy cargo load is understood the weight of which together with the transport exceeds 38 tons. The most accurate estimate will do our specialists . If you ask us for a preliminary calculation of the cost of transportation of heavy cargo and specify the weight and the route of the service, we will provide you the most comprehensive estimates works. Often such transportation can take place with the maximum load on the Low Loader and the vehicle (tractor), exit outside dimensions.Transportation route will clarify the type of transport, which will carry out transport.
Availability of long-haul tractors and trailers for special purposes makes it possible to transport oversized equipment weighing more than 100 tons, and a wealth of experience and professionalism of our employees - to quickly solve issues related to the transportation of oversized equipment, obtaining permits, escort oversized transport in strict accordance with the Regulations on on the transport of oversized and heavy Freight traffic on the transport of oversized and heavy Freight traffic .


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