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The company ""M-GROUP" "оprovides on request a full or partial cargo insurance.Insurance is designed for owners of goods and cargo transported by various modes of transport, and to compensate for losses arising from damage or loss of cargo, regardless of the presence or absence of the carrier's fault. Terms and conditions of insurance contracts of goods from different insurance companies, requirements for insurance coverage vary.
In accordance with the insurance policy as insured transshipment operations of oversized cargo on railway platforms.
The cost of insuring your cargo depends on many factors: the place of shipment, transport route, the number of points of transshipment, transport distance, transport, which transported the goods, etc.
Each transportation - unique in terms of insurance. Therefore, the cost of the procedures considered in each specific delivery based on concrete data. Sometimes the client needs information on the cost of insurance for the calculation of costs.
Very handy when all related shipping procedures are under the control of one company. This eliminates various kinds of confusion and simplifies the exchange of documentary and informative, accelerates delivery organization.   


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