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One of the important directions in the organization of cargo transportation - providing survey services. Early detection is the word - "Survey" is used mainly in relation to ships, and meant the inspection or examination. Over the years, the scope of this concept expanded. Nowadays, modern survey services encompass a wide variety of spheres of economic and industrial activity. The term also means all the independent evaluation, inspections, but includes a very broad scope of functional responsibilities both in terms of transport logistics, and in terms of various industrial processes.

Experts of our company "M-GROUP"; provides survey services - an independent assessment of transported cargo for its quality and volume. Considering the highest quality parameters:

  1. Stowage and condition of their attachment to the vehicle the volume and quality of work of loading and unloading of goods;
  2. Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle, including the fixation on the state of the photos and videos;
  3. Cargo inspection before dispatching the works; 
  4. Check the status of securing cargo on the vehicle; 
  5. Monitor the process of loading and unloading.




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