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Another area of our activities is the rail transportation of oversized and heavy cargo.
In some cases transportation of oversized r/w are carried out if the delivery of goods is not possible in other modes of transport. For example, if the dimensions of the goods does not allow it to deliver the car. Or when the route from the shipper to the consignee composes a large distance.
To send oversized or heavy cargo railway company "M-GROUP" is developing its own drawing or diagram securing cargo on rolling stock, coordinating them in the management of the railway station and departure.
During the transportation of oversized loads are continuously monitoring the quality of implementation of all activities for the delivery. Loading and sealing is performed in the presence of the customer. In his request, it can also be organized by insurance and maintenance of cargo. Railway transportation has other advantages. In particular, the railway does not depend on weather conditions; therefore, delivery of goods can be carried out without interruption during the entire calendar year.


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