What is transportation of abnormal cargo?

Freight is out of gauge, when it exceeds width of 2,55m from extreme points (protruding details: roof, assembly armature and etc.), length 20m (including cab length 3m and semi – trailer) and height 4,0m (including trailers height). Overall mass of cargo with road train cannot exceed 40 ton.

Abnormal goods – agricultural or industrial eqipment, road machinery, special machine tools, construction facilities and others. Variety of entities with which M – Group is cooperating is varied.

Road transportation of abnormal cargo is one of the main activities that company is specialized in. It is not possible to move out of gauge freight with standard transport modes because of discrepancy with haulage standards and specific technical characteristics.

Abnormal road haulage – is one of the most complicated and expensive types of road transit, as it is presenting special requirements to specialists of all levels, from driver to engineer, who is participating in transport processes.

M – Group has an outstanding experience in a logistic field. Powerful technical equipment and highly skilled and experienced team allow us to offer diverse exclusive shipping services both in the Russian Federation and worldwide.


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