Heavy load – cargo, which is with transport vehicle mass, exceeds the standard weight parameters established on the territory of Russian Federation: the mass or axle load of the vehicle. As well as transit of oversized cargo, heavy load shipment requires registration of specific documents. Heavy haulage – freight, which mass with automotive vehicle exceeding 38 ton. More accurate estimation can be made by our specialists. If you contact us for a preliminary calculation of heavy goods transportation cost and mention weight of cargo and shipment route we will provide you with precise operation expenses cost. Frequently, heavy road haulage with maximum load affecting tractor and cargo protrudes beyond the borders of vehicle platform. Freight route will allow to select transport mode, which will operate supply chain.

Availability of tractors and semitrailers allow to transport outsized equipment with mass more than 100 ton, and with more than 10 years of experience we are providing: non -standard freight forwarding services, permission to operate exclusive shipment, organization of escort of large – sized transportations in strict accordance with the rules established in Russian Federation.


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