Nowadays, rigging is a whole complex of measures, including not only loading and unloading itself in hard – to – reach places, but also transportation of large-sized large-capacity cargo, its installation in a new place, installation and dismantling, obstacles disassembly and of course escort and insurance of freight. Due to the companies long – term functioning, M – Group has acquired a huge experience, therefore services that we are providing are generally accepted by our customers according to the affordable prices.

While performing loading and unloading works, rigging works and slinging works we use special equipment, cargo lifting mechanisms, special transport and packing materials.

Our company is trusted by both private and governmental entities and agencies. We provide services for the movement of any goods and equipment, including complex, outsized or fragile freight. Experienced professionals will help you find the optimal solution to your problem, based on the specifics of your cargo, site features and financial capabilities.


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