M – GROUP company also offers such services as: repair of trawls (trailers and low load semi – trailers) of such brands as: Noteboom, Broshuis, Faymonville, Stokota, Politrans, RosSpecPricep, Cometto, Choice, Max Trailer, Goldhofer, Langendorf, TSR and others.

Detailed information regarding repair cost and timing you can obtain by contacting our mechanics:

+7 (911) 925-65-42 Roland
+7 (965) 005-50-09 Gamlet

Our repair zone includes the following types of work services:

  • Welding works of any complexity level
  • Repair, complete overhaul of the chassis for low-load semi-trailers of various brands
  • Repair, complete replacement of electrical wiring system on the trawl
  • Repair, hydraulic system maintenance of semi-trailers (repair, maintenance of the system which controls hydraulic suspension, axles)
  • Repair, overhaul of the semi-trailer’s brake system
  • Repair, overhaul of the steering system of semi-trailers, including the replacement of steering tips, pivots, adjustment of convergence, repair of any steering mechanisms
  • Repair of the central lubrication system on semi-trailers
  • Repair of the air suspension system, braking system, including installation, repair of the EBS system
  • Restoration, repair of damaged mechanisms and assembles (axles, hydraulic cylinders, brake calipers, hydro – suspension elements).
  • Repair of hydraulic suspension of low-load heavy-hauler trailers
  • Bleeding the hydraulic system of the trawl suspension
  • Use for repair and restoration of both original spare parts and their analogs
  • Tractor’s saddle coupling system height modification
  • Additional equipment for semitrailers (installation of tool boxes, additional circle for fastening and etc)
  • Repair of the excavator’s frame
  • Repair of power elements of the excavator’s frame, repair of frame’s sleeves nests), repair of trapezium)
  • Boom’s repair of: cranes, excavators, manipulators, aerial platform
  • Boom’s lifting angle modification, shortening and extension of booms
  • Complete restoration of the boom’s geometry
  • Complete crack welding
  • Recovering of the alignment, ellipsis elimination of the boom’s finger joint points

Reputation is important in our work. We are for sustainability and therefore do our best to make any cooperation with our customers long – terms.


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